Serving Local Communities



With over 16 years of community transport experience, the organisation continues to flourish and provide a diverse range of transport services, wherever possible linking with existing bus and rail routes. 1 in 4 people in our catchment area are unable to drive or do not have access to a car. We endeavour to increase social inclusion and improve quality of life for our customers.

Less than 10% of our income is directly from grant aid, the rest of our turnover is generated income from transport contracts, group hire to local voluntary organisations, work for Arriva Trains Wales and the Heart of Wales Line Travellers Association, event recycling activities and recently the sales of glass cullet products.

It is essential we continue to increase our generated income over the next 5 years in order to become fully sustainable and self-sufficient.

We are a community transport organisation, which has broadened its activities to include glass waste collection from local sources. Glass waste is brought to our depot and made into cullet, sharp free pieces of glass, and either sold in its raw state or mixed with resins to create garden artefacts for sale. The cullet has already been used in garden landscaping and as a fill in modular plastic driveways.

We are a voluntary non-profit organisation, which was set up in June 2002. We have successfully delivered a quality, demand responsive, flexibly routed, integrated transport service designed to meet the needs and aspirations of those living in our community.

In 2007, we received funding from Powys Zero Waste to implement an ‘action research project’ in Events Recycling. We are registered as a professional dealer/broker of controlled waste. We have a commitment to our environment. By developing transport services, assisting with event waste management and encouraging rail travel on the Heart of Wales Line and access to our beautiful countryside here in Mid Wales, we are working towards sustainable solutions, reducing carbon emissions and giving individuals an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint. 


The organisation recognises with appreciation the work of their volunteers who contribute to both the community transport and recycling services.

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