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'Turning local waste into a local resource'

In order to support the sustainability of the community transport service; demonstrate our commitment to the environment; and maximise on the potential of our resources, we have diversified to provide event recycling services.

We can provide help with pre-event planning, environmental policies, waste audits, advice on waste minimisation, event resource management, recycling bins for hire and supply volunteers.

In 2015, over 100,000 people received the recycling message at the events we serviced. We covered some very high profile events including the Spring Festival and Winter Fair at the Royal Welsh Showground. These two events attracted over 55,000 people, which produces a lot of waste! We were able to capture over 70% of waste for recycling.

By re-using materials, we are helping to protect our natural resources and by finding local solutions, we are conserving energy; reducing transport costs and carbon emissions. We are participating in the understanding that we all have a part to play in climate change.

For more information contact: Laura Burns, General Manager, 01982 552727 


The organisation recognises with appreciation the work of their volunteers who contribute to both the community transport and recycling services.