Shiva Indian Goddess Events Recycling

Shiva is made entirely from recycled scrap of various kinds.

Being the lady she is, she helps to raise much-needed income to subsidise Llanwrtyd Wells Community Transport services to the local community. 

Shiva is very statuesque standing 18 feet (about 5.5 metres) tall and weighing three quarters of a ton. Her inner frame is made of Builders Rebar, and her armour is made of metal from scrap cars and caravans. Her beautiful eyes are made from mirror, and the jewels on her headdress made from shiny bottle tops. 


Shiva was designed and built over 10 years ago, unfortunately the person who did the initial work has since sadly passed away.

After 10 years of service at events, the lady needed to come into the depot for light refurbishments and rust removal, mmmmmmm, the best laid plans etc.

As we all know, the jobs we say ‘Oooh it won’t take long’ usually take the longest, so once she was back in the depot we realised that a major piece of work was needed, involving removing the outer covering, welding and recovering .... no mean feat, but not a job that was shirked by our Managing Director Dave who can be seen on the photograph adding some finishing touches so Shiva feels confident to face the world once more. Like all ladies she likes to look her very best in public.

Shiva is just about ready to go and earn some more money, and we hope her first event will be at the Landed Festival at Llandrindod Wells from August 2nd until 4th  2019. The Landed Festival is an independent family and young people festival of Music, Arts and Entertainment, made possible by support from LWCT, and here is the link to the website for more information .

If you, or someone you know, are holding an event and would like to know more about hiring Shiva to come along and amaze your attendees, please call Laura Burns 01982 552727