We have recently been made aware of companies calling to sell you various protection cover or phone add ons etc. Please be extra vigilant and do not give bank details to these companies unless you are 100% certain they are legitimate.

hese companies sell your details on to other companies and before you know it, you are inundated with cold callers trying to sell you everything under the sun. Think, do you actually need what they are selling? And if you are uncertain then ask them to call back so you can consult with someone who will know! Some of these companies are very crafty and sound very genuine, but once they have your bank details, they can set up all sorts of payments and will slowly take everything you have in your account. Some even pose as police officers and sound very realistic, if you are in doubt, hang up and call the non emergency police number 101 and ask for advice. We will be getting in touch with trading standards and setting up a session at the station in Llanwrtyd where they will advise you and the best way to deal with these calls and how to find out who is genuine and who is not! Watch this space for announcement of dates. In the mean time, keep your bank details safe!