Calling anyone and everyone interested in gardening!!

Please come and help us out if you can. Fresh air and exercise, helping others to eat healthily ..... what a combination smileyheart.

We are looking for volunteers to work in our Community Garden based in Cilmery. The garden has been operational since 2013, and has in some years provided weekly fresh produce packages to some 27 households in need, excess produce, including flowers, are sold for a small donation at our weekly Drop-ins at Llanwrtyd Community Centre.

We are extremely grateful to past volunteers for all the work they have done to make the garden thrive, thereby helping some of the more needy members of the community, we cannot thank them enough.

We are now hoping to find a small group to take on the gardening tasks here is Cilmery, whether you can commit a little or a lot of time, and whether you can commit for the whole 2019 season, or just for the initial preparation of the ground for planting, you will be very welcome.

For the younger members of our community I should say that volunteering, in any capasity, may well help with job applications, as prospective employers like to see that prospective employees are happy to work with the local community, and of course, such work may well be a learning experience for everyone involved so is a good inclusion on your CV. 

If you are even slightly green fingered and feel you can contribute in any way, please make contact with us on 01982 552727. We’d love for you to join our team.

Please see the photographs below for how the garden looks once it is carefully tendered and in full bloom.




2016 will be the 3rd year for the community garden, and it is currently in full bloom! The pollinators are busy buzzing around doing thier job and we are looking forward to to a nice crop again this year! Last year we were able to supply weekly food packages to 27 households thanks to the hard work of both Stephen and Ann-Marie who give thier time up to help maintain the gardens to such an amazing standard!








The array of flowers still blooming in late summer is amazing! And just look at those dahlia!! I have never seen such big colourful flowers! The bees and other pollinators still enjoying them too, it has been great to see so many busy little bees buzzing around!




What a way to brighten an office! Just look at those gorgeous flowers, all grown here in our garden! Thank you Ann-Marie, they are stunning!

The recent good weather has really brought the garden on well! Stephen has been working very hard as usual and the produce is looking fantastic. He now has another volunteer to help him, Ann-Marie. We are very grateful for all the time and effort that both these volunteers put into the garden, we really couldn't do the community garden without them! 


Ann-Marie watering

The range of produce we have in the garden this year is brilliant! We even have flowers to make the whole area look fantastic! 

garden 3 june

inside the polytunnel

Inside the polytunnel looks great, lettuce, tomatoes and strawberries!



The garden for 2015 is already starting to look fantastic!! We have produce in the garden and growing, and the polytunnel is looking brilliant!

Stephen has enlisted the help of Ann-Marie this year, with the dedication of them both, the garden has been coming along wonderfully and we have even got flowers starting to grow in the hope that they will attract the bees to help with the polination of the plants! 

Both Stephen and Ann-Marie offer their time on a voluntary basis, and we are very grateful for this.The time and dedication they put in makes a real difference.The garden would not look as good as this without them!

 They have even been able to display some of the recycled glass ornaments in the garden



In 2014 we had our very first productive year in our Community Garden! We did some planting in 2013, but it was a big experiment! The ground had been neglected for several years and was very rocky! 

The early beginnings of our community garden

It all started off quite well, we had a variety of produce growing, including runner beans, potatoes and various cabbages! But the butterflies struck!!! 

caterpillar damage

We were able to harvest some potatoes and a few runner beans, but no where near enough to feed the community! Then along came our knight in shining amour! Stephen!! Stephen being a keen gardener and lots of experience with the gardening club in Builth, volunteered to look after the garden for us! With his dedication and experience, the garden flourished last year! It was still an experiment to see what will and will not grow in the ground, but we were able to supply weekly fresh vegetables to 19 families in the local community! We had strawberries, potatoes, runner beans, french beans, peas, garlic, beetroot, cabbage, kale, sprouts, broccoli, leeks, onions, lettuce and cucumber. We invested in a polytunnel which has enabled Stephen to grow a much wider variety of veg and allows for early planting!

Stephen in the garden

We aim to be able to produce even more this year and supply even more people in need in the local community! 


It is a worrying fact that in this day and age, people are not getting enough fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet! The study below carried out by Bristol County council shows some very worrying figures!