cullet samples

As funding for the Community Transport became harder to find, we decided to generate income from our own activities. The Event Recycling service was generating a large quantity of glass which costs the service more to dispose of, than we were earning from the recycling. Following on from a 'Glass Futures' research project, we purchased, with the help of the Millenium Stadium Charitable Trust,a glass imploder that turns waste glass bottles, window glass and mirrors into sharp-free cullet in sizes from 250 micron dust to 10mm.

The cullet has been used for garden paths; ornamental decoration; as a soil improver, a heat sink in greenhouses, cast with resin or cement to make garden ornaments; paving slabs, building blocks and wall tiles. We are particularly interested in working with architects and university departments on ways to create new sustainable living choices, using waste glass materials.


Please follow the link to our 'Decorate with Colour' leaflet and to our 'Decorative Imploded Glass' leaflet to see what we have on offer.

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Laura Burns 01982 552727