Llanwrtyd Community Transport Vision

The vision of Llanwrtyd community transport is to overcome rural isolation faced by those in the mid Powys area.

Mission statement

Our mission at Llanwrtyd Community Transport is to overcome the rural isolation faced by people who cannot access regular means of transport. We aim to do this in a variety of ways, including coffee mornings, shoppa buses and days out. We want to enrich the lives of those using our services by tailoring our services to meet individual needs of our clients where possible, improve their participation in the wider community and increase their independence. We provide essential services to those who may be disadvantaged in a sensitive, discreet and helpful way. We aim to keep services offered as affordable as possible whilst maintaining a quality, high standard of service.

Our services and objectives are user led and we welcome input and ideas from those who benefit from the services. As a Social Enterprise Mark Holder, we have and continue to demonstrate that we operate for the people of our community and for the planet.

llwct wheel


1) What services/activities have you provided in the last year that contribute to your social impact or have added social value? SOCIAL INPUTS

We are a very diverse organisation and although we started off solely as a community transport firm to help isolated people get out and about, over recent years, we have seen the demands of the community evolve. We have evolved with the community to meet the demands and fulfil our mission of helping those who face isolation. We have set up our own community hub where we hold seated exercise classes, coffee mornings, information and advice days, as well as computer access to assistance for those who want to learn. Our community garden had another successful year, with a lot of produce being made into jams, chutneys and pickles. The ladies who do this have found a new sense of purpose and enjoy comparing recipes etc. The transport side of things continues to expand. We have just started a new town service in neighbouring Builth Wells as there was such a demand for transport for those who find it difficult to get into town since the local bus route was cut.

2) Can you give an indication of how many people have accessed these services and/or what communities have you serviced? SOCIAL OUTPUTS

Being from a very small rural community, our numbers are always going to look small, but for those few it can make a huge difference. Our community centre for example can have up to 20 people attending throughout the coffee morning, whether that is just for a chat, for using the computers or getting advice, for some of these people, it is the only time they are able to get out of the house other than hospital and doctors appointments. The ladies who have been making jams etc have told us that it gives them a reason to get up in the morning as they have something to do other than sitting in front of the tv. They have also raised enough money to throw a Christmas party at the community centre

3) How have people/communities benefited from these services? SOCIAL OUTCOMES

One of the ladies on the new town service we are running said she had begun to feel like a prisoner in her own home as she couldn't get out since losing her husband, and this new service was going to be a new lifeline for her. A lot of what we do revolves around the concept of the wheel; we are the hub at the centre that allows the wheel to move. All the activities we do are the spokes of the wheel, the community centre, the garden, the recycling, the shoppa buses; everything links us to the outer edge, the users. But the different things also link all the users, creating a friendship circle. It gives people a chance to meet people, talk to each other and help each other. We have people who feel they are alone with no one to talk to, but when it comes to it, others have been in the same or similar situations and are able to offer help, advice and support. They just need that little bit of support from the hub (us). By doing this we are giving people and the community independence and empowering them to help themselves all be it with a little support from us!